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The Piedmont Collie Club, Inc. is composed of an enthusiastic, congenial and diverse group of Owners, Breeders and Exhibitors of pure-bred Collies. Their mutual interest is the exchange of ideas, knowledge and experience to more thoroughly enjoy their hobby and to promote the advancement of the breed. Any Collie fancier is most cordially invited to join.


To honor the standard of the breed, “Collie”, adopted by the parent authority (The Collie Club of America, Inc.) and as accepted and approved by the
American Kennel Club.

TO FURTHER the advancement of the Collie as a pure-bred dog and to give equal attention and consideration to each of the Breed varieties.

TO ENCOURAGE the breeding and exhibition of Collies and to promote the best interests of them, their Breeders, Owners and Exhibitors.

TO PROMOTE harmony, fair play and good sportsmanship among the participants in all of the Club’s undertakings.

TO ADVISE members and particularly novices in their problems of breeding, registering, exhibiting, kenneling and general care of purebred Collies.

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