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The Collie Standard

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General Appearance The Collie is a lithe, strong, responsive, ac­tive dog, carrying no useless timber, stand­ing naturally straight and firm. The deep, moderately wide chest shows strength, the sloping shoulders and well-bent hocks in­dicate speed and grace, and the face shows high intelligence. The Collie presents an impressive, proud picture of true balance, each part being [...]

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Collie Origins and History

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Unfortunately, the Collie's exact origins are shrouded in obscurity. It has been the subject of much research and speculation. The word "Collie" is as obscure as the breed itself. The name has been spelled many different ways: Coll, Colley, Coally and Coaly. Generally, the most accepted origin of the word is "Coll" - the Anglo-Saxon word for black. In [...]

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