Code of Ethics

The Piedmont Collie Club’s goal is to promote sportsmanship, fellowship and friendship among its members as well as an appreciation and love for the Collie.  In addition, the Club pledges to support public education concerning the Collie, the Collie Health Foundation, and Collie Rescue.  The following code of ethics respects the trustworthiness and conscience of PCC members. It is a standard of conduct for fanciers to follow in breeding, selling, exhibiting and judging the Collie.

  1. Members will not sell Collies to dealers or commercial sources, nor will they offer a Collie as a prize in a contest.
  2. Collies sold with registration papers must be, to the best of the seller’s knowledge, without defects that interfere with their function as companions.
  3. Members will sell their Collies in good condition, with no communicable diseases, and with a reasonable health guarantee.
  4. Collies sold as pets (not of conformation quality) shall be sold with AKC limited registration and a spay/neuter agreement.  Members do, however, have the right to reevaluate Collies they sell and reverse the terms of either of these if the collie is deemed “show quality.”
  5. If a buyer can no longer keep his/her Collie purchased from a PCC member and has not found a suitable “breeder approved” home, the breeder agrees either to assist the owner in finding a suitable home for this collie or to allow the owner to return the collie.
  6. Collies offered at stud should be free of defects, in good health to the best of the owner’s knowledge, and with properly descended testicles.
  7. Bitches sent to members for breeding will be bred only to the stud selected by the bitch’s owner.
  8. Financial arrangements for breedings and Collie sales must be made in advance of the breeding or purchase.
  9. All advertising of Collies by members will be honest.
  10. Members will conduct themselves under all circumstances in a manner that reflects positively on the Collie and on all dog-related activities.
  11. Any member found guilty of violating any anti-cruelty law will be expelled from the Piedmont Collie Club.
  12. Joining the PCC signifies acceptance of this code of ethics.