Summer is here and now to find a way to keep the kids entertained. If your family owns a dog and it is kid friendly and dog friendly summer camp at Shadow Hill is a wonderful place to start.

The dog show kennel and farm owned by Jane Hammett Bright in Jackson Springs, NC opens her farm to a summer camp program where the kids do all the training, learn how to be in control of the dog, and are responsible for all the aspects of owning a dog. Jane introduces the kids and dogs to a wide variety of cainine sports. You don’t have to be a pure bred to attend but the kids do have to come with a willingness to learn, try new things, and be supportive of their dog.

Not all dogs learn the same way and not all dogs will excellel in every canine sport. This is something the kids will realize when she introduces them to a new sport. whether it be agility, herding, conformation, jr. showmanship, rally, obedience, or grooming the kids and dogs find their niche.

The camp is run with early to rise and early to bed (try to stick to this) routine with agility being the first thing in the early morning. Coolest part of the day!!

The farm has an 80 X 120′ training building loaded with agility equipment and rings set up for the novice to the expert. In addition there are several other outdoor areas set up with agility equipment so there is no waiting to use equipment. The farm houses a small flock of “dog tested” sheep used to test for herding instinct.

The purpose of the camp is to show the kids what AKC has to offer, test the waters to see if this is what you might be interested in, expose the dogs and the kids to the equipment and learn a safe effective way to get the dogs on the equipment and “not be afraid” of it, learn how to “run” a course, get involved with dog sports and vie for scholastic scholarships with kennel clubs out there and just have some FUN with your best friend.

The camps are held in June and July with several mini camps being offered throughout the year. Shadow Hill wants to open some weekends for family camping and dog training this fall and next spring. Facebook Jane Hammett bright or or or call 910-974-3647 / 910-330-9465 for future dates and times.